Discover Bavarias Rich Heritage on our Themed Tours

Discover Bavarias Rich Heritage on our Themed Tours

Discover Bavaria’s Rich Heritage on Our Themed Tours

Bavaria is a state located in the southeast region of Germany. It has a rich history, culture, and breathtaking castles. It’s a perfect place to visit if you love exploring heritage sites. To help you maximize your visit, we’ve come up with themed tours that will take you through the history, architecture, and landscapes that encapsulate Bavaria’s beauty.

The Bavarian Castle Tour

The Bavarian Castle Tour takes you through the most iconic castles in Bavaria. From the extravagant Neuschwanstein Castle created by King Ludwig II, to the charming castle of Linderhof, where most of the rooms retain their original designs, you’ll witness the beauty that Bavaria has to offer. You’ll also visit Hohenschwangau Castle, where Ludwig spent his childhood, and Herrenchiemsee Palace, modeled after the Palace of Versailles, and located on an island in the Chiemsee.

The Bavarian Brewery and Beer Tour

Bavaria is most famous for its beer and breweries. The Bavarian Brewery and Beer Tour combines the beer culture with the beautiful Bavarian countryside. You’ll explore Munich’s oldest brewery, the Augustiner Brewery, and learn how they brew their beer. You'll also get to sample different beers and explore the city’s beer gardens. The tour also takes you to the idyllic countryside of Upper Franconia, where beer culture is a significant part of the region’s heritage.

The Bavarian Art and Architecture Tour

Bavaria is home to some of the world's most magnificent pieces of art and architecture. The Bavarian Art and Architecture Tour takes you through the iconic buildings that make up Bavaria's rich heritage, including the breathtaking Altötting Chapel, and the rococo-style churches of Wieskirche and Pilgrimage Church. You'll also see the architecture of the Bavarian kings in the Palace of Nymphenburg, the former summer residence of the Bavarian monarchs.

In conclusion, Bavaria has something to offer every type of tourist. Whether your interest lies in castles, beer, art and architecture, or all of the above, themed tours can help you get the most out of your visit. Book your tour today and experience Bavaria's rich heritage like never before.

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